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    Statistically valid sample size, Chi-square analysis, cross tabs and drill down charts.

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Next generation platform

Latest technologies work in the background to provide a simple, clean, beautiful and responsive survey taking experience.

Completely responsive on all devices - phones, tables, laptops and desktops.
Beautiful survey themes, clean interface and professional survey templates.
Asynchronous saving of page responses to optimise respondent experience.

Sample size calculator

Accredited by International Lean Six Sigma Institute, UK

Knowledge based Smarter Decisions

Analyze and filter survey results with various charts, cross tab report and automated statistical test to assess the statistical validity of results.

Automatic sample size determination for both continuous and discrete data types.
Statistical analysis including automated Chi-square test, standard deviation and variance.
Advanced charts including text -Phrase cluster analysis, histograms, cross tabs and other charts.
Six sigma analysis including DPMO, Yield%, defects and consolidate sigma level.

The essentials

Standard features


Good looking on any device


Brand your surveys with your logo

Survey flow

Skip logic and branching

Statistical Analysis

Best in class

Professional Templates

Instant survey creation

Corporate plans

140 user-rights combinations

Sample Surveys

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Listen to your customer's voice

market Research

Market research

Expand yout market

Event Planning

Event Planning

HR planning and engagement surveys



Choose a payment plan that works for you


5 Surveys

+ Automated sample size

+ Survey Templates

+ Responsive themes

Unlimited responses


Unlimited Surveys

+ Chi-square test

+ Cross tab report

+ Download to excel

+ Survey branding


Unlimited Surveys

144 User right combinations

+ Data science tools

+ Advanced statistical testing

+ NLP, sentiment analysis, modeling

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